Whether you’re planning to move or stay in place, space clearing is the key to living light!

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff in your home?  space clearing


If you’re like most, when you have room to hang on to excess things…you do!  Yet there comes a time when we need to change that habit.   

Perhaps the thought of all the sorting decisions ahead of you seems daunting.  You’d rather put it off.  That’s normal.  However, if you start space clearing yourself first, the process of tackling your belongings becomes so much easier.

In other words, we often cling to old ways of thinking and acting.  But when we have positivity within, we can freely create the same clarity throughout our home.

Let’s pause today and examine how we can check negativity at the front door.   Here are three things worth space clearing from your life. 

Because feeling light leads to living light!



Everyone has something in their past that they regret.

space clearing

It could be a poor choice.  A lack of action.  Unfortunate words.  Every time we recall the situation, our stomach churns.  It brings our current mood down.

But if we are to move ahead, we need to let go of the past!  We can’t go back in time and change it.  However, we can control what we do in the present.  And this in turn empowers us to choose better for our future.

In fact, when we learn from our mistakes…when we finally forgive our past self…we can actually turn off that inner voice of regret.  And then, our fresh start begins!

Worry & Fear


No one wants to fail. space clearing


But perfectionism is a tough standard we often set for ourselves.  Yet we do that every time we second guess our outcomes.  Our inner voice says, “What if this doesn’t work?”  “What if this is hard?”  Or even, “How will I look to others?

We need to cut ourselves some slack!  Progress is not always a straight-forward process.  It can be one step forward and two steps back.  It can be messy.  It can take time.

Yet if we allow ourselves to be human…if we give ourselves permission to fall down and pick ourselves up…imagine how much more we would accomplish?



A negative mindset has a powerful impact on our day.

space clearing

Think about how time flies when you’re in a good mood.

Then consider how it crawls when you’re down and out.   It literally makes everything seem difficult.  And once we slip into this feeling, it snowballs.  Nothing seems to make us happy that day.

But what if we deliberately choose to be positive?  Even in the face of something disappointing?

When we don’t allow negative emotions to dictate the quality of our day, we actually keep moving ahead.  We don’t allow the situation to hold us hostage.  Vent a little, to be sure.  Release your initial frustration.

And then, move on!  Now your day has all the potential to unfold on a good note.

The Wrap


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space clearing

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What helps you move ahead? 

space clearing

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