PopUpPurge™: The Gateway to Clearing Space in your Home!

What’s this all about?

It’s a patented approach for kickstarting your own decluttering process!

The back story:

I started the PopUpPurge™ when I was in a group text. I typed in, “Hey, Ladies! Go to your closet and pull out 10 things you don’t need or want anymore! Take a quick video and post it here in 15 minutes…show me what you cleared out!”

Oh my goodness! Everyone perked up and before you know it, the videos were uploading! It was fun to see what my friends were kicking to the curb.

Later on, I told a Bestie, “This was like a pop-up restaurant: you never know what will be served but it’s always good and fun!”

Her reply? “Mary, you created a pop-up purge!” And so I did!

What are the steps?

1. Pick the best time for you to declutter for just 10-15 minutes.

2. Do it daily…at the same time each day!

3. Do it just before or right after another daily action, like after your morning cup of coffee or before going to bed.

4. 30 days later…voilá! You’ve formed a new habit and gained space in your home!

Tiny steps add up to noticeable progress!

See how simple and easy it is to get started with your own space clearing? As you clear the easy-to-identify layers, you get down to the harder-to-release items.

Then, we pause to reflect on why we have those things…because it’s not just about the stuff but what it represents to us!

Stay with me as I guide you towards a streamlined home containing only what you need, use and love….in all the right quantities!

Check out the PopUpPurge™ videos from others in our Downsize365 community!

Come join us! Together, we support each other as we release the past and step into our future!