Wherever you live, we can connect!  We provide Consulting Services in many different ways.  Distance is not an issue for us to help with your decluttering goals.  You are supported throughout your space clearing process.


• Skype

We schedule a series of live sessions so we can see each other.  You walk us through your home and we dig in with you.  Room by room and drawer by drawer, we guide your space clearing decisions.

• Phone

We offer periodic phone sessions to talk through your sticking points.  Q&A allows for regaining your momentum.

• E-Mail

We email  your customized plan of action.  You have a ready reference for your next steps.

• In-person

If you are located in metro Phoenix, Arizona, we can meet with you personally!  Scheduled “one-on-ones” ensure your decluttering goals are addressed with no excuses.  It’s like having a personal trainer come to your home!

We have the local resources to recommend for all your downsizing needs, including:

  • Movers
  • Packers/Unpackers
  • Set-up of new space
  • Selling outlets
  • Donation pickups
  • Trash disposal




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