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My Philosophy

Living a full life often leads to owning more than what we need.  But scaling back doesn’t have to be overwhelming…we simply need to take our time and focus on what matters most.

I encourage you to keep a reasonable quantity of:

  • what is practical

  • what is useful

  • what you love the most 

How do we end up owning too much? 

In a word: Life! And it’s ever-changing over time: 

  • Our children grow up and move out. 

  • Relationships end whether due to divorce or death. 

  • Health issues arise that can be life-threatening or change our abilities. 

Our journey as we have known it has come to a fork in the road!

Now what?  It’s time for our focus to change!  We need to adapt to our new circumstances.  When we start with the physical things around us, we start to feel space opening not only in our homes but in our minds and hearts as well.  This is the essence of space clearing: Honoring the past, accepting our present, while creating and moving into our future.

My Background

From a young age, I have always been passionate about houses.  

  • As a little girl, I always dreamed of living in a Victorian home just so I’d have a round turret room!

  • To my parents’ dismay, I would take it upon myself to organize their mail and paperwork which was strewn on top of the buffet.  

  • Rearranging my bedroom furniture was also a constant activity.  I loved how changing it up gave my room a new feel.

My career was in mortgage lending, where I enjoyed helping others realize their homeownership dreams. 

I’ve owned more houses than cars because I love creating a beautiful home and there are so many styles I appreciate. 

Sounding idyllic so far?  Well…

Cancer knocked on my door in 2010.  My emotions ran from shocked, to angry to sad.  But when I shut the door on my negativity, I felt the healing power of hope and positivity. 

When the year-long treatment ended, I was ready for something to be different!

I was a Midwesterner all my life (Go, Pack, Go!) But when a new position was offered to me in Arizona, I jumped at it!  And so my husband and I relocated in 2012.

Then my employer reorganized in 2016.  Hundreds of positions including mine were eliminated.  But you know what?  I was able to move forward once again!  This loss led to the opportunity to open a small business: helping senior folks downsize and transition into assisted living communities. 

It was scary yet exhilarating and empowering to turn my business vision into a reality!  There was also a lot of physical and emotional work as we gently directed a thousand+ decisions.

When life throws you a curveball, you can either lay down or you can adjust and keep on moving.  Which I did.  I’ll never say “cancer is a gift”.  It’s a terrible life-threatening disease!  But in adverse situations like this, I learned some of my best life lessons and discovered strength I didn’t know I had.


My Mission   

My focus has further evolved into guiding a younger generation…MY generation of Baby Boomers… with streamlining their belongings now…not when they are forced to make those decisions!

Those life-changing events I mentioned earlier?  Many of us encounter them mid-life.  I also experienced a divorce (I’m happily re-married now), a health crisis, a job loss and a child growing up and moving out.

These are signals that indicate it’s time to reinvent who we are and what matters to us!

Not only do I continue to offer personal coaching with decluttering projects.  I also blog and write about related topics.  A book is in the works, too!

My Training

I’ve personally directed numerous residential downsizing projects.  And space clearing doesn’t just come naturally for me: 

  • The principals of Feng Shui greatly influence the suggestions I share.  

  • I’ve also completed extensive Senior Move Manager® training with the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  This means I understand the challenges when older adults need to downsize and transition to a smaller space.

my message

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