My Message

My Philosophy

Living a full life often leads to owning more than what we need.  But scaling back doesn’t have to be overwhelming…we simply need to take our time and focus on what matters most.

I don’t advocate retaining  a specific number of things nor do I demand you downsize into 500 square feet (unless you want to!).

I just encourage you to release the excess in your home that no longer adds value to where you are now!

I encourage you to keep a reasonable quantity of:

  • what is practical

  • what is useful

  • what you love the most

How do we end up owning too much? 

In a word: Life! 

It happens as our career launches and we become financially secure.  Our family grows and so with the things and stuff to care for them.  We increase our square footage as we move from apartment to condo to small house to big house.  Maybe  a vacation home, too!  

Then once again things evolve:

  • Our children grow up and move out.  They’re becoming independent with their own lives.

  • Relationships end whether due to divorce or death.  Perhaps a new relationship blossoms.

  • Health issues arise that can be life-threatening or change our abilities.  Sometimes, our activities and interests are just at a different pace now.

Now what? 

It’s time to adapt to our new circumstances. 

When we start with the physical things around us, we start to feel space opening not only in our homes but in our minds and hearts as well. 

This is the essence of space clearing: Honoring the past, accepting our present, while creating and moving into our future.

And during this space clearing process, we can evaluate where we want to head next!

My Training

Space clearing doesn’t just come naturally for me: 

  • The principals of Feng Shui greatly influence the suggestions I share.  

  • I’ve completed extensive Senior Move Manager® training with the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  This means I understand the challenges when older adults need to downsize and transition to a smaller space.

My small business originally helped Seniors downsize and transition into assisted living communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  I’ve personally directed numerous residential downsizing projects. 

There was a lot of physical and emotional work as we gently directed thousands of decluttering and space planning decisions. 

I witnessed first-hand over and over how folks postponed the downsizing process until they were forced to do so.  This made the decision process so much harder than it had to be!

My Mission

As a result, my primary focus has now evolved to the Baby Boomers who are aged 50 or better…like myself!  I advocate starting the decluttering process now!  Be in control of the space clearing process.  Set your own time constraints .  Release what no longer serves you as you enter your next season of life!  Discover what matters to you now!

I continue to offer personal coaching with decluttering projects.  I also blog and write about related topics.  A 2019 book  release is in the works, too!

my message

How can I help you?  Let’s talk!

–Mary V and my GM (“Good Man“)