Starting a large project like downsizing can feel daunting!downsizing essentials

You understand why you’re doing it.  You realize it’s the right thing to do.  And you know it will improve your quality of life.  So how do you get it done without losing your sanity?  Without feeling burdened?

Well, we’ve helped all sorts of folks.  And so we’ve witnessed a few key qualities…what we call downsizing essentials….which made the process go smoother.  Easier.  And frankly, even fun!

Interested?  Then read below for the lowdown on how you, too, can experience a better downsizing move!



Firstly, start with forgiveness.downsizing essentials 


There’s no point in beating yourself up for all the excess stuff you have.

A life well-lived is bound to accumulate a lot of things.  You were bombarded to buy.  Urged to upgrade.  Raised to save.  Until now, whoever sent the message to live more with less…anyone?

No need to judge yourself.

Now you recognize the value of keeping only what you truly need and use.



Secondly, have patience.

downsizing essentials


Remember that you didn’t acquire your belongings overnight.  So sorting through and making decisions will not occur in one day, either.

Instead, break the process into manageable segments.  Aim to clear out one room a week.  Or one closet a day.  You choose!

Just don’t let the weight of the whole stop you from starting small.




Thirdly, remember to laugh!downsizing essentials 



Can you believe some of the fashion foibles in your closet?  How did you manage to amass so much Tupperware?

It’s OK that you’ve had a hard time releasing excess stuff over the years.  What’s critical is that you use common sense while you select what is most valuable, useful and practical.

Remember, your next home is smaller.  Not everything will fit.

For this reason, have some gentle chuckles with what you’ve squirreled away in closets and drawers. 

Then choose wisely for your next abode.



Fourthly, be hopeful.

downsizing essentials


Does this feel like an ending?  In some ways it is.  Yet in other ways, it’s a beginning.  The start of a new phase.  A different chapter.  The seasons cycle….so why not us, too? 

Consider how your mood directly impacts your experience.  In other words, dreading an event always makes the day feel heavy.  But anticipating something good….feeling hopeful….makes for a lighter, brighter day.

When you regulate how you feel, even your challenges seem doable.

The Wrap


Check out this video which offers timeless tips to help with downsizing decisions by considering your future lifestyle:

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downsizing essentials


What would your downsizing essentials list contain?

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