Time to downsize from your 4000 square foot home to a 1500 square foot condo? downsizing benefits

It’s simple math that everything is not gonna fit.  But letting go of your stuff does not have to be a sorrowful or torturous process!

Start with embracing the advantages you will achieve.  You’ll be surprised at how much easier and quicker your decisions will be!

Today we’re going to share three downsizing benefits you will realize when you reduce your belongings to the essentials that you need and the items which you love.

We’ll continue to post about downsizing.  We are firm believers that “Less Space is the New Place”.  So stay tuned for additional tips and techniques to address the actual process!

Downsizing Benefit #1: Financial


First truth: owning more costs more!downsizing benefits

Whether it’s additional space to heat, cool & clean or more things to dust & store… there’s a price we pay to maintain the larger home or the extra stuff.  Unless you’re fortunate to have unlimited funds, most folks work within a budget, whether large or small.  So choices need to be made about where we spend our money.

Are there things you’d like to do or do more often but you don’t because they’re not within budget?  Create a list of activities and adventures that appeal to you.  Include things both small and large, i.e., dining out, attending concerts, or traveling near & far.  Then reduce your housing costs and eliminate the services to maintain that larger home.

The result?  Now you can pursue those interests and dreams you have right now, not “some day“.


Downsizing Benefit #2: Time


Second truth: we have only so many hours in the day!downsizing benefits

How do we want to spend our time…cleaning and maintaining a large home and all it’s contents?  Or enjoying the company of family and friends?  Do you currently live near the events and activities that appeal to you?

Many Baby Boomers are choosing to migrate to urban centers. There they can live, work and play within walking or a very short commuting distance.  This generally requires moving to smaller digs.  It might be an apartment or a high-rise condo as opposed to a traditional single family home in the suburbs.

Imagine if each day, you could wake up knowing you were within steps of the things you like to do?  How good would that be!


Downsizing Benefit #3: Mental/Emotional


Third truth: having excess stuff creates mental & emotional stress!  downsizing benefits

Let’s face it…having more to maintain is stressful!  Remember your first place?  Likely it was a simple apartment, minimally furnished but still, it was your own and it was enough.  Somehow, we started the acquisition process as our lives developed and/or family grew.  Everywhere we went, we bought things to remind us of those places.

But if these things are carefully stored in drawers, closets, basements or attics, how are they enhancing our lives?  We actually experience “decision fatigue” when we have too many choices in our closet.  And generally speaking, most of us wear only 20% of what’s hanging in there.

The presence of clutter is actually taxing on the psyche.  Think about how a simple landscape is automatically soothing.  Nature provides the cues for how we should consider furbishing our own homes.

The Wrap


Are you feeling fortified to dig in?

We’ll be posting future blogs packed with tips & techniques to help you clear space.

For a scientific take on downsizing benefits and clearing clutter, check out this artlcle: https://www.bustle.com/articles/136499-6-benefits-of-decluttering-your-life-according-to-science

Have you recently downsized?downsizing benefits

How did that go for you?

What was the hardest part?

What advice can you share with us?

We’d love to hear your comments below…and thanks for stopping by!