Shift Your Stories...Step Into Your Future!

Mary V, a Modern Mentor for Midlife Women


  • Clear yourself: Your home, your thoughts, your habits, your mindset!  Return to being unapologetically and authentically YOU!

  • Release what no longer (or maybe never) serves you well!  Revel in the joy of living with just what matters most!   

  • Identify where you want to head now!  Together, let’s create an action plan to get you on your way!

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 Imagine putting yourself first for a change!

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  What if you created space dedicated to what matters to you now?

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How about a wardrobe filled only with what fits, flatters and feels good?

Are you ready for a Change?

space clearing coach
space clearing coach
space clearing coach
space clearing coach

Where to begin?

If you're an Empty Nester Woman like me, we need to connect!


Midlife is  the perfect time to take stock of where to head next! We are perfectly poised for the next phase of our life.  When we're 40 or better, we can pursue interests and dreams that may have been shelved for a while.  In fact, we may be yearning for a new focus but we're still figuring where to start.

Time to shift from where you are?


  • Are you tired of digging in your closet every morning...there's lots of stuff in there...but you still feel like you have nothing to wear?
  • Are the kids out of the house but their childhood stuff is stashed in the space you'd like to transform into your crafting room?
  • Is your basement or attic chock-full of things from Mom and Dad because...well, the stuff is not your style but it's from Mom and Dad?
  • Are you feeling restless, bored or a rut...but not sure how to shake it off? 


With my support, we can get you on your way!  

  • Rccognize the emotional triggers that impact your choices.
  • Create new routines to focus on what matters most to you now.
  • Edit what doesn't lift you up.
  • Head joyfully and confidently in your new direction!

Let's chat today...begin writing a new narrative for your next chapter!

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It's never just about our stuff!  It's about the emotional attachments we have and the memories surrounding our things!


Once we understand the stories we were told...especially the ones we tell's so much easier to release what no longer defines us!


Check out these and other space clearing topics in my blog...come join our conversation!



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