Residential Downsizing & Space Clearing

When it’s time for a change, Downsize 365 is your trusted partner.  We create a customized master plan

and manage all the moving parts for you!

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senior move services
 “I’m on my own now and want something different…who can help me get there?”
senior move services
  “We’re ready to leave the big house for something smaller…who can oversee our downsizing?”
senior move services
“I’ve got more than I need…who can manage the process of letting things go?”

Are you ready for a Change?


At some point, downsizing into something smaller and simpler makes sense. Relationships end.  Our health takes a turn.  The kids are grown and on their own.  Whatever the reason, our current home setup no longer suits our situation or our new focus in life.  We need or want something different.

What can we do for you?


We’re not the movers:  We provide essential space planning and downsizing services before you move.  Getting started is the hardest step.  It can really feel overwhelming.  But we start with learning what matters to you.  Then we create a master plan with your new space in mind.  Room by room, we help guide your sorting decisions.  We also partner with other professionals who provide packing, moving, unpacking and setup services.  Our gentle, professional oversight eases the process from start to finish.

Who do we help?


We help anyone looking for a change…ready for the next phase of their life.  Those transitioning to a smaller place…a condo, a 55+ or  a senior living community… really benefit from our specialized training.  Smaller spaces require expert planning to fit in what matters most.  With our support, you don’t have to go it alone.

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