Residential Downsizing & Space Clearing

Feeling stuck?  At a crossroads?  When things have changed midlife, it’s time for something new!  Downsize365 is your trusted resource for change! 

As we guide  decluttering decisions to clear space in your home, space opens up in your heart.  You step freely and joyfully into the Future you want! 

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senior move services

 “Health crisis resolved, phew!  Time to move ahead again… but where to begin?  I need something different!”

senior move services

  “The kids are gone now… how do we downsize from this large house to something more manageable?”

senior move services

“I’ve got more than I need or use… nothing suits where I’m at now. What should I do with all my things?”

Are you ready for a Change?

downsizing and space clearing services
downsizing and space clearing services
downsizing and space clearing services
downsizing and space clearing services

Where to begin?

At some point, downsizing into something smaller and simpler makes sense. Relationships end.  Our health takes a turn.  The kids are grown and on their own.  Maybe our career threw us a curveball.

Whatever the reason: our current situation or our new focus in life would benefit from a change in our home setup.  We need or want something different!  Time to reinvent yourself?

What can we do for you?


Our space clearing philosophy guides our simple yet powerful approach to decluttering:  Keep only what you need, use and love…in all the right quantities!  The key is retaining what supports your direction now.

We recognize that folks have different quantities of excess items and varying capacity to house them.  But everyone benefits from self-examination of where they want to be.  You then move ahead, inspired to identify what stays and what goes!

Who do we help?


We help anyone looking for a change!  Baby Boomers in particular are poised for the next phase of their life.   If you’re 40+, you can now pursue interests and dreams that may have been shelved for a while. 

Often it starts with transitioning to a different place…a smaller house, an apartment or a condo.  If this sounds like you, you’ll really benefit from our specialized training! 

Compact spaces require expert planning to fit in what matters most.  With our support, you don’t have to go it alone.

Contact us today for your initial consultation!

Featured Blog Posts

How do we end up with so much stuff?  And why is it so hard to release things?  We explore these and other downsizing challenges in our blog.

Because it’s never just about our stuff.  It’s about the emotional attachments we have and the memories surrounding our things.

Once we understand why we have the things we do, it’s so much easier to let go of the past and move into our future, confidently and joyfully.

Less is more when it’s all about what matters to you!

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