Decluttering is a prime example of an activity that stops us in our tracks!



We start out with the best of intentions.

We know intellectually that we have excess stuff which no longer serves us now or where we want to be.  We begin with purging the obvious things.  The easy things.

But when we get to the stuff that remind us of our loved ones or heart filled times?  When we see the unfinished projects or things from a broken relationship?  That’s when our determination wavers and the fun is done.  Our “mindset”, or outlook, takes a turn and we stop moving!

Yes, the internal dialogue we have running in our head all day long is a powerful influencer!  Not everyone can power through when their emotions go south.

So how do we regain our momentum?  Resetting our mindset is the key!  Read on about 5 outlooks that will get you back in action when you’re feeling stuck.

1. You’re on the right path


It’s critical to believe in yourself!

Trust that you can do what you know you should do.  When it comes to space clearing, the sheer number of our possessions can feel overwhelming!

But when you believe you can accomplish the goal, you will be open to finding ways to get it done.  For example, many of us are used to being self-sufficient.  However, getting assistance is not only practical but liberating as well.  Be willing to trust others to support you when you need a hand.

2. You’re not a failure when you get stuck 


Making a big change is difficult!

New habits require courage.  But fear has a way of joining the ride, too.  Still, that doesn’t need to stop us.  We can face our fears, and, in fact, address them head-on.  In other words, we can change our internal dialogue from “This change is scary and I’m not going to do it” to “This change is scary but I will keep moving forward anyway”.

Resetting your mindset is not instantaneous.  It’s all right to pause during your process.  Think about the benefits of what you’re doing.  Visualize yourself in a better space.  Remind yourself of where you want to be.  Exercises like these can give you the determination to head towards your goal again, after taking a short break.

3. You have the power to change


You can control the direction once you identify where you want to be!

When we’ve done things a certain way for a long time, going in a different direction will feel foreign.  Inertia plays a role, too.  So does coming to grips with one era ending and another beginning.  Add in a layer of “where do I begin?” and it feels overwhelming to change!

Here’s where to start: breathe!  Remind yourself that this is your life.  It’s truly up to you.  Marinate with this concept for a while.  Give yourself time to visualize change occurring in a good way.  When you’re on board –whether fully or partially– you’ll begin embracing the mindset that you can call the shots on your next chapter!

4. You don’t have to have it all figured out


Heading into new territory can feel unsettling!

A new habit or direction is unfamiliar to us so it feels awkward.  It takes time to adjust to a new routine.  We may start with just a basic idea of what we want but the details of how to get there are to be determined.  Our mindset rapidly plunges into  uncertainty and fear.

Don’t worry!  You are allowed to figure it out as you go along.  It’s just like a road trip:  you know where you are going but you don’t know everything that will happen along the way.  It might take longer to get there.  There may be unexpected traffic.  You could have a flat tire.  But you go anyway because you adjust and pivot.  After all, that’s how life works.

5. You can control how you see things


How do you want your life to feel?

Too often, we fall into the trap of expecting our circumstances to create happiness for us.  Or waiting for circumstances to occur how we want them to be.  But no one’s life is perfect!  We’d all be walking around feeling down and out all day if we subscribed to that expectation.

Instead, how about choosing to feel positive?  How about realizing that our attitude has a lot to do with how our life feels?  Of course, it’s natural to feel disappointed with less-than-ideal situations.  But making a concerted effort to move on from that state of mind to one of positive determination is what really differentiates happy people from unhappy people.

A positive mindset may not change our circumstances but it can change the quality of our life, despite our circumstances.  Positivity keeps us in control of how we live our daily life…how powerful is that!

The Wrap



My back story

I’ve had my own challenges, for sure!  One of the biggest struggles was accepting a breast cancer diagnosis 8 years ago.  It was such a shock, considering I had no family history, exercised religiously, etc., etc.

Truthfully, I wallowed in negative emotions at first.  My life was going so well and then this?  

But when I accepted my situation as part of my own journey, I felt peace.  I focused on the love and care I was surrounded in from family friends and my health team.  You’ll never hear me say “cancer is a gift”.  But I will say that the adversity made me stronger.  

When I didn’t let it paralyze me with disappointment, I was able to become unstuck and move forward with hope.  


How about you


  • Have you had a circumstance where you needed to recalculate your mindset?  Or a family member who did?  How did you make that change?  What helped?  What would you have done differently?
  • Your thoughts are welcome below…and thanks for stopping by!