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What does an “Influencers of Midlife Summit for Women” have to do with Decluttering? Why, everything! I know, this post seems to be a departure from my standard focus of clearing space in your home. But keep in mind my mantra: “Clearing space in your home leads to clearing space in your mind and your heart!”  When that transformation happens, you begin to see the fantastic possibilities ahead of you.

Each of the attendees at this inaugural meet-up is an example of a woman forging a new, meaningful second act! Accordingly, this conference provided valuable insights  on how both you and I can live our best lives, too!

Introducing the Founder, Robin LaMonte!

photo courtesy of helloim50ish.com

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? The incomparable Robin LaMonte is proof that age has no hold on midlife reinvention! She is a virtual dynamo with her wildly successful interior design business, her helloim50ish lifestyle blog and her various brand collaborations, as well…wow! If that’s not enough, she is also a loving wife and a mother to 4 adult children. With tongue in cheek, she decided she had “spare time” to expand her message that midlife women can age gracefully, authentically and professionally. Hence, the birth of the Influencers of Midlife Summit!

Here’s where you can learn more about Robin: https://helloim50ish.com/

Meet Nina Bandoni!

photo courtesy of sharingajourney.com and R.S. Estey Photography

Introducing Robin’s “partner in crime” for this event! The ever elegant and fashionable Nina Bandoni worked alongside Robin to plan and promote this forum. She was also a Summit speaker, sharing insightful blogging tips with her dry yet gentle sense of humor. Nina has a number of plates spinning in the air with her own lifestyle website, blog and virtual boutique! Learn more about how Nina has reinvented herself here: http://sharingajourney.com/

The Influencers of Midlife Women Mission

Photo by Dennis Magati from Pexels

The purpose of the Influencers of Midlife group is to encourage and empower women over 40! In what ways? To find their voice, to head in a new direction and to support likeminded women on similar midlife journeys. Our interests run the gamut. They include fashion, health, nutrition and travel, to name just a few. What we share in common is a sweet spot in our lives where we have the time, the ability and the talent to invest in ourselves for an incredible new season! In turn, we are here to kickstart your own midlife journey, too! In other words, there’s no slowing down this group of savvy individuals!

We are primarily an online community but that doesn’t stop us from connecting in person! We also coordinate meet-ups across the country, as well. The energy and enthusiasm is stellar as we mingle with women we learn from and grow with throughout the year. There’s nothing more inspiring as we reach for the stars when we’re rubbing shoulders with encouraging, caring women!

The Inaugural Summit Agenda


A variety of educational topics were in the lineup, including:

  • Growing your social media presence & follower base
  • Strategies for IG, FB and Pinterest
  • How to work with Brands
  • Blogging tips & advice
  • How to create stellar photographs
  • Nutritional recommendations for women over 40
  • How to create your personal wardrobe style
  • The Power of She
  • How to write your book or e-book
  • How to care for your midlife skin, hair and body, both practically and luxuriously


We were blessed with vibrant and inspiring speakers who included but were not limited to:

  • Lisa Washington, a Lifestyle/Food/Beauty/Yoga/Wellness Advocate (@lifewithlisawashington)
  • Brenda Coffee, a powerhouse Texan Gal with no-nonsense wisdom (@1010parkplace)
  • Molly Mathis, a Travel Leader/Enthusiast for female adventures (@mollymathis1)
  • Jessica Quinones, a Lifestyle Film Newborn & Family Photographer (@jessicajanephotog)
  • Deborah Chase, a Health & Beauty Writer (@nononsensebeaut)
  • Burke Robinson, a plastic surgeon sharing the top non-surgical & surgical options for facial rejuvenation(#robinsonfacialplasticsurgery)

Meet the Attendees!

photo courtesy of Christine, IG @bblprod
photo courtesy of Christine, IG @bblprod
photo courtesy of Christine, IG @bblprod
photo courtesy of Christine, IG @bblprod

Here’s the whole group (I think we’re all in this snap!) who participated in this awesome Summit!

photo courtesy of Christine, IG @bblprod

The Wrap

Midlife is a time to celebrate! We’re at a unique point where we can redefine who we are and where we want to apply our skills, talents and voice. If you’re a female small business owner building your own presence, consider joining our community. You will grow both personally and professionally with the camaraderie and support. In fact, here’s where to find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfluencersofMidlife because together we are stronger!

If you’re a Midlife woman seeking inspiration for moving fearlessly and joyfully into your own next season, follow our IG hashtag, #influencersofmidlife for insights into the women leading the way! Then follow us personally for your own best life!

Your turn!

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  • What are essential qualities of an all-female community for you as a small business owner?
  • Are you feeling restless or between seasons in your own life?
  • What elements or aspects of your new season do you struggle with?
  • What kind of support are you seeking as a Midlife woman?
  • What new adventures are you embarking on now?

Share your thoughts with us below to start the convo….and thanks for stopping by!